Pedigreed dog buyers should be aware of a potential danger hiding in the shadows! Restrictions placed on YOUR dog by the pedigree registration are the problem!

To ensure that you have complete control over your pedigreed dog’s future, you must verify its registration on the MAIN Register before making a purchase.

Enabling the ability to register on the Main Register:

a) Participating in dog shows and trials

b) From a dog or a bitch that you own.

your bitch can register all of the puppies it produces

third option c) the exportation of any pups to other nations

Generally speaking, the Main Registration certificate is blue, which signifies that there are no restrictions.

LIMITED REGISTRATION, on the other hand, has some very rigorous rules for the dog’s owner, and they can be a big roadblock.

Pups and dogs that were not up to par were originally restricted to the Limited Register, but they could be sold and so on. The idea is good from a dog-perspective lover’s because some of these canines could otherwise be put down. A Breeder can, and does, abuse the Limited Register to exert control over their animals.

There are a limited number of puppies and adult dogs on the waiting list:

Conformation shows are not allowed, although they are permitted in Trials and Obedience Shows.

Inbreeding is not an option.

A pup cannot be registered if it is the result of a breeding operation.

prevents the exportation of puppies that your bitch might produce.

The pink (Red) color of the Limited Register certificate signifies the limits. Using the Limited Register in the incorrect way can be utilized by those who seek to influence Show Ring results by limiting competition! Some owners place a high value on how well their dogs perform in the show ring, and it’s not uncommon for this to happen.

An important point to keep in mind: Only the breeder can undo a limited registration.

Make sure you ask if your pedigree includes registration on the main register before you sign up: Consider looking for another breeder if the person you are dealing with seems evasive or unable to answer your questions directly.