Lonely Planet lists getting a dog as one of the top ten most significant life decisions. Assuming the role of a parent, you’ll be bringing a new creature into your family. What kind of dog should you get?

You should consult the entire family, from the smallest to the oldest, because each person will have a role to play in various aspects of the dog’s life. Involvement of children in dog ownership now can help them become more considerate of animals and people in the future.

Everyone can find a dog breed that works for them. It will take some time and work to figure out which one is best for you, but it will be well worth it in the end. The location of your house, as well as the size and design of your residence, should be your top priorities. With the exception of a few small, heavy-coated breeds, all dogs are suited to country life, but not all dogs are suited to city life. St. Bernards or Great Danes or any of the large Hounds should not be confined to a small apartment, but dogs are naturally adaptable and would be able to live in such a situation. It is true, however, that it would be unfair and would almost likely lead to issues, particularly with relation to the dog’s behavior and disposition.

Breeds of pedigree dogs are divided into groups based on the work they conduct. The following are the divisions:
Dog breeds include: the following: the Gundog; the Hound; the Working; the Terrier; the Toy; the Pastoral; and the Utility

It is imperative that you show consideration for your neighbors if you reside in an area where houses are closely spaced. They deserve to be left alone, and a dog that yaps or barks is not the best choice. In addition, a breed that is known for being violent against other dogs and overly protective of its owner isn’t what you’re after. Sadly, not everyone is a fan of dogs, therefore it’s not a good idea to bring a dog into your life if you don’t need it.

It’s also important to take a look at your own personality, and how much time you have to spend cleaning up after your dog. Would you be able to devote the time necessary to groom him on a daily basis? There are other aspects of your lifestyle to consider as well. If so, how frequently are you gone from home? How many times per day can a family member commit to taking the dog for a walk?

He’ll need someone to feed him and make sure that he has access to clean water at all times. Do you know how much it costs to keep a dog? If you get a puppy instead of an adult dog, you’ll have to pay for veterinary care, pet insurance, and training and socialization lessons on top of the food you’ll need to buy.

It is possible to have many years of company and affection from your dog if you take the time to care for one. Many people find that playing and stroking dogs is a good way to relieve stress.