Crossbreed dogs, or mongrels, are dogs that are descended from more than one breed. Mongrels aren’t all bad, despite the fact that many people prefer purebred dogs.

In dog owners’ homes or in your local newspaper, you’ll find a wide variety of mixed-breed dogs.

A lot of the time, these pets are looking for a forever home.

By adopting one of these dogs, you’ll be doing something good for the animal and yourself. Just remember that because mongrels are bred at random, it’s impossible to know exactly how temperamental or large they’ll be.

A mongrel’s ancestry can often be discerned. If it does look like a specific breed, you’ll have a better sense of what kind of dog you’re getting. Your future dog’s traits can be predicted rather accurately if you choose a pedigreed breed.

It’s safe to say that pedigree dogs are better if you’re looking for an animal that will greet visitors with a wagging tail, for example.

‘Hybrid vigor’ does not necessarily mean that mongrels are healthier than pedigree canines.

Inbred dogs can be just as inbred as pedigree dogs, if not more so.

Besides, who can deny that the mongrel puppy you’re looking at is the outcome of an interbreeding between two brothers and sisters?

In the same way that some pedigree dogs are susceptible to inherited diseases, so can some mongrels.