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When you own a dog as a pet, you can count on it to give you with unconditional affection and protection. The only friend you’ll ever have that won’t get wounded is your pet dog, and it’ll be with you at all times. Only two things are required in return for all of this: food and a place to sleep. As a result, you’ll be able to feed your dog something it’ll enjoy. Also, it should have the right balance of the needed nutrients. Pedigree dog food comes to mind when you see this.

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6 Tricks for Giving Dogs Medication

6 Tricks for Giving Dogs Medication

Administering medication: Many dog owners dread doing it as much as their canines dread being on the receiving end of it — and it's even worse when the medicine comes in the form of a pill, tablet or capsule. If you’ve ever seen your pup spit out a pill or found a...

Help Your Dog Live a Longer Life

Help Your Dog Live a Longer Life

Russ Powell for Milk-Bone® Good Morning® Daily Vitamin Treats help support your dog's well-being by providing nutrients not typically found in most dog foods. We all wish our dogs could live forever. Luckily, there are some easy things you can do to give...

Easy Solutions to Dog Care Problems

Easy Solutions to Dog Care Problems

Russ Powell for Dog not a fan of taking pills? Try hiding them in Milk-Bone® Pill Pouches, which are designed to fit around most pills and capsules. We’ve all been there: Our dogs are perfect angels… right up until the moment the bath faucet turns on or...

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